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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cake Class 2

I know it's been a while since I've posted up here, but we've been uber busy and there hasn't been a lot of cake/cookay time :) However, Steph is taking a cooking class and came home the other night with all sorts of cake schwag

I can identify the cake tips and the 'cake leveler'...a very cool tool and useful if someone breaks into the house and you need to restrain them ;) Part of Steph's homework was to make frosting with a couple consistencies...the base of this frosting was some crisco...mmm...fluffy and light.

Gotta dig how Steph rolls...class of the Pino Noir in one hand and the hand held blender in the other!

Being an interested bystander (interested in cake and getting to lick the beaters) I was impressed how smooth and uniform the cake came out!

I've heard of wives stealing shirts before, but Steph has been swiping my Alton Brown apron and getting it all floury...what up with that??? Good thing she's cute :D

The finished cake was going to school today as we'd eat up that yummy product, I will say, it came out looking GREAT!!



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